Aquila Swiss Value Partners Ltd.

Founded by Harald Scherer Aquila Swiss Value Partners Ltd. is a Swiss registered Independent Asset Management company providing its clients truly unbiased and independent Investment Advisory services, tailor made Discretionary Portfolio Management and Holistic Advice covering the whole range of clients’ investment-, financial- and wealth management needs.

The Managing Partner of Aquila Swiss Value Partners Ltd., Harald Scherer, is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, the leading association of independent asset managers in Switzerland.

Aquila Swiss Value Partners Ltd. is part of the Aquila platform with Aquila Ltd. being a shareholder of Aquila Swiss Value Partners Ltd.

Aquila Ltd.

Aquila is the leading platform of choice for independent Swiss asset management companies and family offices.

Aquila Ltd. is a shareholder in all partner companies and is specialized in the area of investments, operations including consolidated reporting of client assets, compliance and risk management. Aquila Ltd. coordinates marketing and public relations and acts as an Independent asset manager for institutional clients.

Aquila’s platform flexible structure facilitates a client- and business focused approach of the partner companies, who can focus independently and free of conflict of interest purely on the needs of their clients.