You – the Client

You are a High Net Worth Individual or Family. All of our thinking and activities are centered around you, our client. We want to understand your goals and visions before we develop the right investment strategy for you. You should always feel comfortable with the volatility of your investments and the result of your investment returns. Your thoughts also cover long-term topics, like retirement, successor- and estate planning.

We – Independent Swiss Value Partners

Harald Scherer
Harald is a senior private banking client relationship manager, who served most of his own clients for more than 25 years. He started his banking career in 1986 in Germany and moved in 1993 to Singapore. After ten years in Singapore as relationship manager, team head and market head for Indonesia he relocated to Zurich in 2003. In 2008 he moved to leading private bank to head the Asian business booked in Switzerland as deputy region head. Beside his various management responsibilities he always served at the same time his clients, most of them he knows since his beginning years in Singapore.

With his deep understanding and experience in private banking he is best positioned to understand and represent the interest of clients.

Harald is a Certified Wealth Management Advisor CWMA.

Outsourcing Partner

In order to fully concentrate all of our activities around our clients we decided to outsource corporate activities and responsibilities in the areas of compliance & risk, accounting, business continuity management and IT. Our outsourcing partner were carefully selected by us and approved by FINMA. To ensure sustainable business operations we diversified our outsourcing partners and deleveraged the previous group concentration risk.