Partner Philosophy

We see ourselves as Trusted Advisor and Partner of our esteemed clients. We coach and guide them, while they make their investment- and wealth planning decisions. The client’s needs and benefit are always at the heart of our thinking and acting. Being independent of banks, fund management companies or product providers we are free of any potential conflict of interest.

The client’s benefit and growth is our benefit and growth.

More than an investment approach

In today’s world there are more unit trusts available than single securities. Through the internet an investor has a choice of more market- and investment opinions than investment models- and strategies exist. Last but not least artificial intelligence and robo-advisors are now competing with traditional asset managers.

We endorse a clear, consistent and conviction driven asset allocation investment approach. We implement the agreed individual investment strategy in a clear and for you, as the client, understandable manner. We follow through the investment process with a long-term but flexible approach. Last but not least we implement investments in a cost-efficient manner.


Independent Swiss Value Partners Ltd. is a member of the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ). All advisors are Certified Wealth Management Advisors CWMA by SAQ. SAQ confirms with the certification that the advisors are capable and competent advising clients in the area of asset management, wealth management, private banking, specialized investment advice, management mandates and clients with substantial wealth.

The Managing Partner of Independent Swiss Value Partners Ltd., Harald Scherer, is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). SAAM brings together independent asset managers who undertake to provide professional, responsible and high-quality services. Membership of the SAAM entails a commitment to excellence and a highly professional service.

Independent Swiss Value Partners Ltd. is supervised by AOOS a FINMA licensed supervisory organisation and audited by AML Revisions Ltd.


As Trusted Advisors we are committed to an open, clear, understandable and accountable communication, consulting- and investment process.

The pricing we agree with you is simple, transparent and easy to understand. Same applies for the pricing we agree for you with our custodian banks.

We do fully endorse current and forward looking best practices and regulatory standards, since we believe that they are to the benefit of our clients.


Corporate Social Responsibility is nothing new. Already the German constitution of 1949 stated in Art. 14 (2) “with wealth comes responsibility”.

In order to ensure carbon-neutral operations we partner up with Foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership to compensate in particular any flight caused emissions.