Discretionary Portfolio Management

We provide tailor made Discretionary Portfolio Management to capture investment opportunities in the capital markets and to relieve the client from day to day investment decisions and portfolio implementation. As a first step we discuss and assess with you, the client, your investment needs and targets. We then agree on your investment strategy and review it with you on an ongoing basis.

We believe in a clear, consistent and conviction driven long-term investment approach. Since we are only handling an exclusive number of mandates, a tailor-made investment approach can be ensured. If desired, the implementation of the investment strategy can also be delegated.

Investment Advisory Services

As an independent asset manager we are able to provide unbiased Investment Advised in line with the investment targets, time horizon and risk tolerance of you, the client. At the same time we benefit from the network we maintain with selected custodian banks and investment fund management companies. We believe that Investment Advice goes beyond the recommendation of single securities and the construction of tailor-made asset allocations. Investment Advice involves the coaching and guiding of clients through the ever more complex investment world.

Holistic Advice

Holistic Advice covers areas beyond Discretionary Portfolio Management and Investment Advice. It starts with the selections of a custodian bank and the negotiation of favorable fee arrangements, covers the overview and consolidation of various bank accounts to non-liquid assets, like property and stakes in operating business and involves last but not least to retirement planning and estate planning.